Sharp Air Purifier Model FU-W53 in Watten Rise, North Singapore for sale


This Air Purifier was bought for SGD599 in February 2011. It has only been used until August this year. Filter is clean and in perfect condition.
the air purifier has following features:
New generation of Plasmacluster® Technology
High-Density Clean Ion Shower
Emits 7,000 ions/cm3
Effective against Airborne Allergens, Viruses and Mold
Reduce the overall volume of airborne particles
Decrease the number of morning allergy attack
Destroy the surface protein of virus at the molecular level
Inhibit the odor caused by mold
Automatic operation based on odor sensor
Superior Performance Filtration System
Layer 1 - Antimicrobial Hepa - Dust collection rate of 99.999%
Layer 2 - Washable Activated Carbon - Powerful deodorization by large particles of columnar charcoal
Keep Air Clean and Pure
Help to knock out airborne mold fungus and decompose sources of annoying odors
Reduce mold fungus by 90% in one hour
Helps babies and young children with immature immune systems to breathe better
Improve air circulation within corporate and commercial building
check link for more details.
needs to be picked up at 286640 (Watten Rise)